The Design District Social Club Miami : 4/20/23



The Design District Social Club was established to provide a platform for the thriving creative community in the prestigious Miami Design District. At the John Michael flagship showroom, we come together on Thursday, April 20th for our exclusive event with arts, eats, and beats to inspire creative conversation and collaboration. The artworks of Charlotte based Jus10 Ellis will be gracing our showroom with a pure, thoughtful and highly visual artistic experience, brand giveaways and special guest DJ. 





A Celebration of Creativity

Our goal was not only to create some energy around our new flagship showroom, but to create a platform for networking, sharing, and help push energy into the local design community.

“We haven’t yet truly established our footprint in Miami, so it was extremely important to introduce ourselves in the right way,” said John Michael Studio owner and co-founder Michael Sloan. “It was super exciting to have dialogue with some brilliant creative minds, while also displaying who we are in the process. This will be the first of many events in not just Miami, but in San Fransisco at our West Coast showroom as well.”


 The first initiative was connecting with a diverse group of Miami designers, builders and architects both established and up-and-coming. John Michael Director of Client Engagement Jason Chisari sought out like-minded visionaries who shared both a similar clientele and desire to push the creative envelope.

“Our goal was to invite those in the surrounding area who not only crafted beautiful work, but shared a similar creative aesthetic,” Chisari said. “John Michael thrives on the collaborative process, so we always seek out folks who are on a similar trajectory. We want to work with people who innovate.”

Of equal importance to John Michael was sharing the stage with other local bastions of the Design District. Local artist and neighbor to John Michael’s showroom, Johnathan Schultz gallery installed a pop up art gallery that blended intelligent minimalism with pop culture.

 “The bigger idea for these events was to incorporate a visual art gallery that was complimentary to the aesthetic of the room and our design values,” said Dave Weidetz, Creative Director of John Michael.

“Jonathan’s art being on display at Design District Social Club event was a great addition to the event and will continue to partner with visual artists and galleries as we produce more of these events"

Local Miami based designers with our experimental Black Magic Bar, a one of a kind, ten foot interactive LCD tabletop fortune telling experience.

The Social Club event itself was a kinetic experience for all involved. With food and music provided by MC Kitchen and DJ Rodrigo Vieira, respectively, attendees mingled amongst the cabinetry and art on display. Conversations ran the gamut from the materials utilized to craft John Michael’s custom creations, design influences to how the cabinetry of John Michael could be integrated into future projects, both indoor and outdoor. 

Turning heads at the event, the 2022 KBIS award winning Honey Gold all stainless steel luxury kitchen build, installed at our flagship John Michael showroom in the Miami Design District.

Intended to be the first of several quarterly events, the Social Club Miami event on October 14th 2022 wasn’t just a success from an attendance standpoint. It was a celebration of the creative process, and hopefully a harbinger for many exciting things to come.