Introducing AlumX kitchens by John Michael

Introducing AlumX by John Michael, indoor kitchens that usher in a new paradigm for cabinet design and construction. AlumX indoor kitchens are a mixed medium construction boasting powder coated aluminum exteriors and a melamine base interior. This material combination opens the price point to a much broader base of customers looking to own a John Michael Kitchen. With powder coated aluminum exteriors, the AlumX line outperforms any traditional cabinetry with zero compromise in style, form and finish.

Modern Flat Panel Cabinetry

The AlumX indoor cabinet by John Michael adopts the same unprecedented Mixed Medium approach as our Signature line. Cabinet bodies are forged from world-class Aluminum and are available in 40 unique powder coated colors and metallics. The interiors feature high-pressure Melamine and can be crafted from four distinct color options: Stone, Salt, Smoke and Fawn.

Handcrafted Aluminum
Cabinet Exteriors
Modern Flat Panel Trim
Design with full bleed
powder coating
Melamine Cabinet
Interiors In Four Color
Cost Effective Price
40 Powder Coat Colors
and Metallic Finish
Soft-Close Technology

AlumX full powder coated Aluminum White and Rust Copper Flat Panel cabinetry

Indoor Cabinet Interiors

AlumX cabinet interiors are hand-crafted using high-pressure Melamine and can be styled in four distinct color options: Stone, Salt, Smoke, and Fawn. All AlumX cabinet drawers and doors are built with our standard soft-close technology and optional lighting features are available.

  • Melamine interiors available in four color textures
  • Fading and dimming internal lighting systems
  • Signature Soft-Close drawer and cabinet mechanics





AlumX custom color-matched Flat Panel cabinetry full powder coated Aluminum

John Michael Signature color and metallic powder coating pallets

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