World class handcrafted outdoor kitchens
John Michael Outdoor Kitchens

John Michael Signature outdoor kitchens have been the most durable, bespoke and customizable on the market since their debut more than a decade ago. With marine-grade 316L stainless steel exteriors, custom weatherproof gasketing and an array of powder coat finishes, the signature outdoor kitchen is built to endure the harshest of outdoor environments. Distinct trim styles, colors and custom appliance integration gives way to endless design possibilities to define any outdoor living space.

World class hand crafted Stainless Steel cabinetry

Our Signature Cabinetry is crafted from the highest quality and heaviest stainless steel on the market today. A John Michael Signature cabinet can consist of dozens of pieces forged into a cohesive whole, and each piece is skillfully crafted by hand at our 166,000 square foot South Carolina manufacturing facility. Every part of the production process is painstaking and meticulous, with up to 80 individual welds required to form a finished cabinet. The final product is a masterpiece of American ingenuity and unmatched quality.

Premium line of world
class luxury cabinetry
& product design
Full range of Alta,
Sedona, & Flat Panel
trim options
Weatherproof, dust
proof & bug proof
Handcrafted Stainless
Steel cabinet interiors
& exteriors
40 Powder coat color
& metallic finish
Soft-Close Technology

Black Alta with Stainless Steel trim and 42” EVO grill with VOX vent hood by John Michael

Outdoor Cabinet Features and Technology

Brushed Stainless Steel Sedona style with Brushed Stainless Steel trim

Cabinet Trims, Colors and Metallic Finishes

Flat Trim

Our version of a slab, a modern sleek take on cabinet design. Minimalism demands purpose.

Alta Trim

Our take on a modern shaker, this thin frame stands at 1.25 inch frame and defines clean design language.

Sedona Trim

The thickest trim we offer is a bold shaker style. Each heavyweight face has 6 handcrafted pieces.

John Michael Signature Color & Metallic powder coating pallets

Design Process


Contact us and
with your own
personal designer


Begin the collaborative design process, beginning with footprint, materials and colorwork


Recieve drawings and
design proposals within
2-4 business days


Work with your designer
to tune and refine your
custom kitchen build
until it's perfect


Your custom kitchen is domestically sourced and hand-crafted by skilled artisans at our South Carolina headquarters, each build unique in its own way.


Your finished build is hand packaged, crated and delivered directly to the project site.

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