Introducing VOX Vent Hoods by John Michael

VOX by John Michael is our bespoke new line of custom vent hoods that can be outfitted in the same array of powder coats, textures and metallics as our Signature cabinetry. Clients can choose between single or double blower options, and vent hoods range in size from 30” - 120”. LED lighting and even speakers can be integrated, all controllable by Bluetooth.


Experience the epitome of kitchen sophistication with the VOX vent hood ‘Edge’.  Featuring sleek 90-degree lines, Edge seamlessly blends functionality with style. Crafted for versatility, this avant-garde design effortlessly complements modern, traditional, or transitional spaces, offering a timeless aesthetic that rises above trends. Elevate your culinary haven with a ventilation solution that serves as a captivating focal point in any kitchen setting.


Introducing 'Forma' by John Michael, where elegance meets innovation. Adorned with graceful lines and a distinctive bottom trim, the Forma series of VOX vent hoods elevate kitchen aesthetics. Punctuate your kitchen design by personalizing the tapered main section and trim with a spectrum of colors, allowing you to create stunning and bespoke combinations that leave a lasting impression on your guests.


The VOX 'Moda' vent hood line by John Michael is a marriage of exquisite tapered lines and pristine edges that embody contemporary kitchen design. With its sophisticated lines, Moda seamlessly integrates into a myriad of design applications, offering a versatile and modern aesthetic. Enhance your home design with this sleek and vibrant ventilation solution, where form meets function in perfect harmony.


VOX by John Michael is proud to unveil the 'Curva' vent hood line, an industry first where impeccable design meets a distinctive trendsetting flair. The graceful lines of the Curva series not only exude modernity but also create a uniquely vibrant atmosphere in your kitchen. John Michael invites you to embrace the aura and intimate elegance of Curva.


Step into unparalleled sophistication with 'Icona', an evolution inspired by the sleek design cues of Moda with an added touch of texture and depth. The smooth tapered lines infuse a distinctly modern aesthetic, while the bottom trim panel introduces versatility and style, making Icona equally at home in traditional and transitional spaces. Heighten the visual impact further by utilizing color contrast, transforming your kitchen into a masterpiece where modernity meets timeless elegance.

VOX Moda 112" Brass powder coated twin blower Vent Hood with Bluetooth-powered LED lighting, and speakers

Five curated styles available
Single or double
blower options
Optional LED
Handcrafted Aluminum
or Stainless steel
40 Powder coat color
& metallic finish
Bluetooth speaker

Vox vent hoods are available in all of the John Michael Signature powder coat colors & metallic finishes

VOX Moda 48" black powder coated single blower vent hood

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