A family of creatives and craftspeople pushing the boundary of kitchen and living space design
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The John Michael Family

We are a family of designers, craftspeople, and passionate artistans, thriving to create the worlds most innovative and luxury kitchen, bath and living space designs.

Family founded, owned and operated in South Carolina

John Michael Kitchens is a family-owned design, manufacturing and retail company with a lifetime of experience. Comprised of a group of passionate designers, engineers, fabricators, and craftspeople, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a kitchen design-build experience unlike any other. As a multi-disciplined team, we design and craft with both metal and traditional wood mediums, creating the most unique, visually remarkable, and lasting kitchen and living space designs available in the market today. 




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Our Ethos

We believe in creating timeless designs driven by function, aethstetic and beauty. Our community is our family and believe in creating personal, collaborative relationships with each client.

Family owned and operated in the heart of the Caronlinas

John Michael takes trememdous pride in being family-owned, which reflects in all aspects of our company. We treat every client like family and appreciate every build.

The Finest American Crafts-manship Created by Skilled Artisans

Our mission is to build the world's finest cabinetry with an unsurpassed customer experience that reflects our family values.

World Class Product, Design, and Color Innovation

John Michael is disrupting a wood dominated industry with a metal approach, bringing new colors, textures and design styles to portfolios of designers all around the world.

A Personal, Custom and Client-Centric Design Approach

At John Michael, the client is always our top priority. We strive to ensure a second-to-none customer service experience through design, build, installation and beyond.

& Partnerships

John Michael has received dozens of national design and product awards, including most recently the 2022 Best of KBIS - Kitchen at the National Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. We also proudly hold partnerships with the industries' most prominent affiliates, and support continued education through teaching continuing education classes for the next generation of designers.

Initiatives & Innovations

John Michael is focused on leveraging the tools of tomorrow to stay ahead of the curve today. We push advancements in design, materials and process, leading the industry with the newest ideas and options for clients and customers.

Rendering Design in Full Scale Virtual Reality

John Michael is actively designing and rendering in full scale virtual reality. This will give new construction and remodel clients alike the ability to see the design and scale of their new project.

100% Recyclable materials and No V.O.Cs

All handcrafted John Michael products are 100% recyclable and built to last a lifetime. Since most John Michael designs are metal or powder coated material, there are no harmful VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Blurring the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor

For decades, the creative minds of our industry have sought to bring the luxury of indoor living to outdoor environments. John Michael cabinetry is built for both indoor and outdoor living spaces, allowing for cohesive and cross-functional living spaces.

Smart Cabinetry Technology Integration

Whether the job calls for a point-of-sale system, filtration, television or speakers, John Michael offers custom technology to fulfill the expectations of our most discerning clients.

Our Creative

Our craft is an artform and our clients are the catalyst that allow us to keep pushing our creative capabilities within our company and our community. We stay inspired by remaining engaged with both our local and national art/design communities. John Michael is host to the quarterly "Design District Social Club" in the Miami and San Francisco Design Districts. and the annual Coup D'état at Art Basel Miami, held at our flagship showroom in the design district. This exhibition of fine art is in conjunction with the Brooklyn Collective, a nonprofit with a mission to accelerate inclusivity and economic mobility through the arts.

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