Cookies x John Michael

The Starburst, the Bay Area Cookies Compound Centerpiece

The product of over 1000-man hours and sheer ingenuity, this collaboration between Berner and John Michael is "The Starburst." Named by John Michael CEO and co-founder Michael Sloan, this one of a kind table centerpiece was customized for the nerve center of the new Bay Area based Cookies compound. It features a black walnut tabletop with a torched burned finish and an X-shaped Rose Gold Aluminum inlay, a custom color unique to the project. The 16 ft, space age frame design is a metallic Rose Gold powder coated carbon steel frame, under-lit with adjustable LED lighting, lined with electronic business tools, and true to brand with a polished mirrored stainless steel Cookies icon that floats within the base.  

"It's one of the coolest pieces we've ever put out,” Sloan said. “We are known for our cabinetry, but the fact that we can make pieces like this shows we’re different from everybody else out there.”

 As he prepares for his upcoming tour with Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Too $hort, global hip hop entrepreneur Berner released the first single from his upcoming album entitled Arrogance is Ignorance. The accompanying video for his single "Stars" premiered on Saturday 5/13.


Berner has quickly become one of the most successful hip hop artists as well as the founder of Cookies and a titan of the cannabis industry. This massive 16 x 7-foot table created by John Michael in collaboration with Berner is the centerpiece of the nerve center in the Cookies creative compound.


"It was not only a challenge creatively, but also a challenge functionally to get a table of that stature to work," said Michael Sloan, CEO of John Michael. "The table has been on site for less than a week and has already been featured so prominently, which is amazing. It has me super excited for the life this table is going to lead.”

The Starburst namesake is derived from the X-shaped Rose Gold Aluminum inlay, which is a custom color unique to the project. The entire tabletop, including the process of blending the inlay and walnut into a smooth, cohesive whole, was handcrafted by the John Michael team.

John Michael Director of Product Development Joe Wiley added his technical touch to the project as well. LED mood lighting installed underneath the table was designed by Wiley, as well as numerous electronic outlets which can effectively turn the table into a workspace.

True to the John Michael brand, the entire project rests on a metallic foundation. A carbon steel frame anchors the bulk of the tabletop, and is powder coated in Rose Gold as well.

Finally, at the enter of the tabletop itself, the Cookies ‘C’ icon is is emblazoned in polished stainless steel, the icon that lifestyle brand that propelled Berner to the forefront of cannabis culture.

And just like the Cookies brand itself, John Michael has been immortalized by the audacious finished product.