Disrupting the business of the luxury cooking space

Durability Through Design

As design trends emerge and fade with the passage of time, there remains a glaring omission from the conversation: Durability. With style, selection, and price dominating the topic of discussion, the reality is that even the most renowned luxury kitchen brands use materials with a finite lifespan. Will the finest handcrafted cabinetry be betrayed by the brittle materials used to craft them? Can they maintain their beauty and functionality over years of constant use?  

Over the past decade, John Michael Studio has not only pushed durability to the forefront of designbut we have also made it our identityA lifetime of metal fabrication experience has infused our family-owned company with the ability to craft bespoke cabinetry built to last. All the while, our designtexture and style palette complement this durability with a menu of selections that bucks industry trends. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and John Michael strives to define it through a marriage of unprecedented durability and design.  

 "When we really dove into the kitchen industry as a whole, the lack of variation and quality of the cabinet materials was glaring," said Michael Sloan, CEO and Co-Founder of John Michael Studio. "The kitchen is the most expensive and arguably important part of the house, why aren't the most durable materials being used, and why the lack of resources?

Another issue is the acquisition of smaller companies by these huge conglomerates, which has resulted in finished products that are largely the same and produced on an assembly line. These companies have tens of thousands of employees, and their goal is to churn out cabinets as fast as they can. By doing so, you lose the human element, that intangible feeling associated with hand craftsmanship. The exact opposite is so with John Michael." 

Every kitchen John Michael crafts is unique to its own, forged in the USA by skilled artisans and customized to live in your space. Only the finest materials comprise a John Michael kitchen, with a finished product durable enough to live a lifetime in both an indoor and outdoor environment. Debuting in 2020, our indoor kitchens feature a seamless blending of metal and maple, oak or walnut wood accents, creating a true fusion of generational wood craftsmanship and modern metallic sheen.  

"The story of John Michael began with us wanting to fabricate outdoor kitchens that can exist anywhere on the planet," Sloan said. "When you think about the indoor kitchen industry and analyze where most traditional cabinetry is compared to what we're crafting, it's night and day." 



 "What we've done is a complete introduction to new materials that no one else is using. What we're able to craft with metal is not only huge for durability, but also exciting and liberating for the design of the home as well."


At John Michael, wdon’t compromise on pushing the stylistic envelope, and we don’t shy away from the durability discussion. Rather, we have disrupted the kitchen industry by ensuring that durability and design are mutually exclusive terms no longer.